11 March, 2014

Ubuntu - Deluge

Just found that there is a way to run Deluge on the web.
Follow the instruction in "Web UI Setup" section to install packages.
You can also set up initScript for deluge-daemon, and deluge-web.

Ubuntu - Add user to sudo group

It's simple. Run the script below with username if you already created one. 

 usermod -a -G sudo

06 March, 2014

Current set up for my server and domain

Now, it looks like server and domain are well configured, and ready to be developed. VPS server is running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32bit version hosted by WeLoveServers. If you're looking for a budget VPS hosting, visit http://WeLoveServers.net and take a look. They usually have great deals which fits your budget. My server spec. is as below. 4 shared CPU 2 GB memory 60 GB hard drive 2 TB bandwidth with 1GB/s port speed I've got this domain from http://hostek.com You can create nameserver from Hostek, but I am using individual nameserver service. For nameserver, I am using DNSEver.com. They provide 3 nameservers for free. So, when you register and create a domain configuration, you can have 3 nameservers for the domain. You can also create subdomains easily by adding subdomain and assigning the IP address of the hosting server. In my case, because I've got domain from Hostek, using DNSEver for nameserver, and using VPS server for web-hosting, I need to create subdomain in zPanel, and then create a subdomain which points my VPS server in DNSEver. It usually takes some time (a few hours) until the subdomain is available.

Vesta, the first impression

Installing Vesta is quite easy, and it works in Debian 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Features are working well. Domain set up without any problem, and email works as intended. The interface is simple. But I started to feel like there is something missing... I am pretty sure Vesta can be a solution for hosting service, but I decided to use zPanel... and the result is... zPanel has very intuitive interface, and fully featured management tool. User interface is well designed, and even you can choose Theme. There is even a menu for re-sellers. My server is now fully configured with zPanel. Therefore, I will keep using zPanel rather than Vesta.